Shopping Saving Tips

25 July 2010  Renee, Comments Off

Did anyone catch July’s Better Homes and Gardens? They had an article about how they love to save with 33 ways to save. These are some of my favorites!

#2 Know when it goes on sale:
Appliances: holiday weekends
Cameras and Camcorders: February, March
Carpet & Flooring: January
China & Flatware: March, September
Computers: August, December
Cookware: May, June, December
Dining Furniture: October, November
Electronics: Spring and early summer, also Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Furniture: January, July, holiday weekends
Holiday Decor: Day after the holiday
Linens: January
Mattresses: May through August
Paint: Summer
Patio Furniture: After Labor Day
Plants, Trees, and Shrubs: Fall
Small Appliances: December
Snowblowers: April
Televisions: early spring, also 6-12 months after a particular model is launched
Vacuum Cleaners: April, May

#3: is a deal of day across the internet tracker – says it’s like ebay only cheaper

#8: – a site that sells returns and overstock from big retailers

#22: You can print the coupons from the Sunday paper at and is a blog to try for coupon savvy spending.

Grocery Shopping my way:
Step 1: Come up with a menu planner. I have one on our Fridge. My hubby sticks what sounds good to him when the mood strikes him and that helps me to know what should go into the rotation.

Step 2: Build a stockpile pantry and a freezer. Buy things you use alot of in bulk (buying in bulk is so much cheaper! ) If you can buy in bulk at a bulk store like BJs or Sams Club. I get a free offer for a 6month trial to BJs in the mail once a year. My Mom is also a member and I go with her once or twice a year. I usually give away the free offer to someone who I know could use it since our “local” BJs is like an hour away. Buy meats in bulk and freeze into your portion sizes. I buy 10 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts at a time at $1.99/lb. Then when I get home I clean them and put them into freezer bags with enough for one meal for the two of us. Then when I want to make something with chicken I pull out a bag.

Step 3: Make a list each time you go shopping of what you need. Stick to the list.  If I just buy what strikes my fancy I always  spend way more than I need to like really badly more than I need to.

Step 4: Then I take a local ad for Price Chopper (my local grocery store – which I’m still wishing was a Wegmans). I go through it and see what good deals they are having this week. See if there’s anything on sale that I’m going to be out of soon or anything that I can get extra extra cheap.

Step 5: Then I go through coupons in the newspaper that I’ve collected and see if I can stack them with anything on my list or on sale. Then I look online at coupon sites to see if there are anymore. If you don’t feel like you have the time to collect coupons then skip it. It isn’t worth the hassle if you aren’t willing to put in the work. It’ll just frustrate you. There are weeks where I don’t even look at my stack of coupons before I go grocery shopping. It all depends on my mood.

Step 6: Go grocery shopping for the things you need and get out – don’t linger. I make grocery shopping an aerobic activity. Ask my hubby. I am in and out walking at 90 miles an hour. I don’t watch where I’m going. He pushes the cart and tries to keep up while I run up and down aisles like I’m in Supermarket Sweep about to win thousands.

Curbing my Cranky Attitude

7 July 2010  Renee, Comments Off

This week it has been in the 90′s and crazy muggy with humidity. So we haven’t left the house AT ALL! It’s just to hot to go out with the baby and my mom (I’m at her house with Jade for the week – KAS comes tomorrow – he was home doing chores easier done with Jade underfoot). So we sit at home puttering here. I have cleaned out her pantry, her extra cupboard, her china cabinet, and every kitchen cabinet she has. My mother has a ton of food – she likes to stockpile. Plus she has all her dishes and Tupperware plus all my grandmother’s who lives with them – so there’s alot to try and sort through, clean, and reorganize.

I’ve been married just over 2 years. So being away from the hubby is still not a pleasant situation. I miss him terribly and he misses me and we make each other miserable basically missing each other. Yes, it’s sappy and disgusting but we’re still head over heels in love.

So from being stuck inside with no where to go and being away from KAS -I’m getting cranky. I can feel it coming on. So I turn to God’s grace to give me an attitude adjustment before everyone hates me.

How do I adjust my attitude? I focus on the blessings of my life. I force myself to list 10 whenever I feel myself getting into the danger zone.

1. I have a hubby who adores me and I happen to really really like him too.

2. I have a beautiful daughter who is healthy and happy most of the time. She’s super easy to entertain and mostly pleasant and giggly all the time.

3. I’m not at my house – I’m on vacation at my parent’s – one of my favorite places to be. I have unlimited hot water supply here (our house after about 20-40 mins the hot water stops) so I can take extra long nice relaxing showers.

4. I have someone to watch Natalie while I shower so she isn’t in the bathroom tugging on my shower curtain :) .

5. My mom feeds Natalie for me, which is my least favorite parenting task. I hate feeding kids people food. Call me crazy but I’d rather have to change 100 diapers than feed one child one meal.

6. Anyways back to my list – I’m healthy, not in pain (I have fibromyalgia in remission due to diet and herbal control – PRAISE GOD!)

7. I get extra time with my hubby while he is currently unemployed. We have enough savings to stay afloat for awhile and unemployment benefits should be kicking in soon so we won’t starve anytime soon.

8. We have a rent free home so we don’t have to worry about that.

9. This is bad. I’m having to really think to try to get a number 9 and I still need number 10. HMM… Oh, yesterday 2 more summer shows started up so I have more entertainment for my summer evenings.

10. I’m going blackberry picking tomorrow. I get to get out of the house and I get to make a blackberry pie for KAS – his favorite! Very excited about that! Hopefully recipes to follow in future posts!

Okay Phase 2 on Attitude Adjustment :

Remember what I don’t have to deal with…5 things.

1. I have all my stuff at home. My cousin just lost all her belongings to a fire in the moving truck. So thankful for my earthly possessions that God has provided me with.

2. I don’t live in a hotter climate like Florida or Texas. New York state isn’t all that hot usually.

3. God didn’t call me to live far away from my parents. Nor leave my home like He called Abraham out of Ur.

4. A friend of mine has a daughter who was just born with many health problems. She celebrated her first month birthday still in the hospital. Jade is healthy!

5. When I was a kid summer reruns were the only thing on. TV program has progressed.

Now that I feel better and have a much better outlook on life. I’m off to bed for we go picking berries tomorrow rather early to avoid the heat due later in the day!

An Introduction

6 July 2010  Renee, Comments Off

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks….

Have you ever just sat and watched the ocean as the tide goes out and comes in? As I sit watching the ocean my mind wanders and reflects over all the various and sometimes random aspects of my life. These reflections are recipes, meal plans, books I want to write, crafts to create, ideas for improving the flow of life, memories of times with my family, the moments my daughter creates, and the minutes of life shared with my husband. These are the kinds of reflections that I will be sharing here.

As life swamps us like the crashing ocean waves, sometimes there is spillage. That spillage is the stories we hear worth sharing, the outrageous things that make our blood pressure soar, the emotional meltdowns of a trying day or the random things that keep life different and interesting. This is my spillage.

As the title suggests this is a collection of reflections and spillage, musings and comments on life, crafts and recipes, poems and stories. This is  the written version of my life outpoured in random posts and pictures that somehow manage to record the happenings of life.

So a little about myself:

I’m 23. I’m married to the love of my life and the man of my dreams, KAS (a nickname only he understands). I have a one-year old daughter, who for privacy purposes I’ll call Jade.  Total side note: Jade is one of my favorite names in the world, always has been, hubby hates it. So here I get to use it and it won’t bug him because it isn’t real! That’s a win-win! Back to my life: I love to cook. I love to bake. I love to do crafts, especially for Jade. I was a Counseling major in college. KAS and I love to watch reality television – the psychological stuff not the trashy stuff. I love game shows, trivia, and puzzles of all kinds. We live in the middle of nowhere (defined as being 45 minutes from the nearest grocery store and at least 20 from the nearest gas station convenience store) and we love it. I love to write, hence the blog, duh! I have several nonfiction and a few fiction books in various stages of being written. One of my life goals is to finish writing a book and see it published. Another is to find a pizza crust recipe that my husband actually likes. Store bought pizza crusts always taste better – someday my homemade version will be the best! Other spillage details with come with more posts I’m sure.